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Solrex Window Film Uses Nano Ceramic Technology which is an ideal method to maximize the blockage of solar heat up to 99%, reduce the rising of room/car temperature up to 99% and saves energy while maintaining excellent quality, clarity and durability with a very reasonable price.

Why did we choose to market our product in the Philippines?

Because we know that many Filipinos are struggling because of the very hot weather that comes from the ray of the sun. This heat can possibly affect mood, focus, and performance of an individual. Due to this, we realized that we can help make a difference.​

Solrex is here to provide high-end quality, low priced film/tint that can reduce up to 99% of the heat that comes from the ray of the sun. Our product is guaranteed to help Filipinos feel less heat behind and under mirrors without compromising view and visibility.

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• It is excellent in transparency, heat shielding efficiency, and is suitable for tinting of architectural and automotive glass.

• It effectively blocks the heat transmitted from the sunlight, providing a pleasant mood and indoor environment.

• By reducing the use of air conditioner, it effectively saves energy cost.

• Visible light area is transmitted as much as possible to maintain a wide field of view, excellent clarity, and less glare to prevent discomfort and provide safe driving conditions.

• It blocks the ultraviolet rays up to 99%, which is harmful to human skin.

• It protects the people inside by preventing splinters of glass during an unexpected accident.

• By using ultra-high transparency fabric, it boosts an excellent first degree in clarity.

• It’s easy and quick to install.

• Depending on the product, it guarantees durability of at least 5 and up to 10 years quality.


Excellent Heat Rejection


Energy Saving


99% UV Protected




Safety and Privacy




Fade Rate and Durability

• When you’re choosing the proper window film, you should consider the discoloration rate and warranty period as your prior consideration. If the film gets dyed or discolored due to sunlight, moisture, etc., the ultraviolet blockage rate (UV-CUT) and IR-CUT performance of the film will also decline.


Clarity and Haze phenomena

• Through an excellent Nano-patented technology of SOLREX Window Film, it prevents scattering of light, it prevents from the haze and diffusing phenomenon. Regardless of driving at night or in the rain, it provides the best possible clarity and visibility of sight to prevent traffic accidents.


Easy installation

• Window film of SOLREX insulates heat on windshield and curved glass, therefore in case of molding, optimum heat shrinkage rate and excellent adhesive force that enables an efficient and simple installation work without any lifting. It is done at the best to improve the quality of installation services by providing high installation stability to prevent various problems such as leaving scratches and poorly finished products that may occur during film installation.


Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red Rays Cut

SOLREX Window Film increase the Total Solar Energy rejection index (TSER Maximum 65%) to reject excessive solar radiation from the outside and keeps the indoor temperature pleasant. Additionally, it blocks ultraviolet rays by more than 99% to protect the eye-sights and skin health of the driver and passengers.

• As a result of comparing the transmittances of the infrared region (900~3,000 nm) that determines the heat shielding performance, the transmittance of the infrared region is much lower in other products, which means, the shielding performance against hot solar heat coming from outside is outstanding. The wavelength transmittance of each film is measured and compared spectrum by the UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer.

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